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Private Residence
Whitefish, MT

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INVISION was commissioned to help capture the owners’ goals of a contemporary residence that broke the mold of the rustic mountain homes that populate this high-end development, overlooking the Whitefish Ski Resort. INVISION’s role was in the development of the initial concept and preliminary design which was then implemented by local architects, designers and contractors. Photos © Gibeon Photography.

Slope of the terrain
32 degrees
Ski lifts
Partner, Architect
Eric Ritland

Designing a mountain home for a dynamic and active family.

This is an atypical project type for us, but once we understood the goals and vision the owner had, we were excited by the opportunity. They did not want a typical home. The idea for the design formed around the family’s adventurous lifestyle and love for entertaining; balanced with unique site and stunning views. The home is anchored by spaces containing both interior and exterior elements that bring people together and celebrate the natural beauty of the site, while providing pockets for each family member to engage in more personal interests: from a music studio; to a ski tune-up area. Credit is due to the owner and each professional involved. They took the preliminary design into a stunning reality, as evident in the final design, selections and detailing of the home.

Other team members: Mike Bechtel

It’s kind of tucked away, so it feels like we’re in a treehouse.
- Owner on the location of the lot that gave them the opportunity to build their dream home.
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