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Waverly Health Center ED and Clinic Renovation
Waverly, IA

INVISION explored various layouts for the ED and recommended one which offered optimal visualization of patient rooms from nursing teamwork area. The project includes a new 30,000-square-foot addition includes a new ED/Ambulance Garage and Clinic space, 40,000-square-foot of renovated space, new parking and a new entrance drive.

To meet the increasing need for outpatient services a large part of the project area is dedicated to the expansion of their outpatient clinics for Family Medicine, Pediatrics, General Surgery, Bariatric Surgery, Orthopedics, Respiratory and Cardiovascular Services and Outpatient Medical and Pain Services.  Providing new space for these clinics also allows for additional expansion of visiting specialists.

Exterior Canopy and Drop-off Lane
216 foot
Retaining Wall
1000+ blocks weighing 1,792,414 lbs.
Spaces where Patients Receive Amazing Care
Project Architect
Brian Sanderman

The main concourse is highlighted with clerestory windows to bring natural light into this public area. A strong design element is created with an angled canopy running the length of the new addition. The warmth of the wood-look canopy ceiling extends into the building connecting the interior and exterior spaces. A secondary wood soffit element runs along the main public concourse providing a unifying element that also helps with wayfinding.

Team members: Brian Sanderman, Becky Hansel, Kindra Christensen, Ivan Valtchev, Pavithra WettasingheMike Broshar

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