K-12 Education

Hoover Middle School

Waterloo, IA

INVISION worked with Waterloo Community School District and Hoover Elementary School to relocate the front entrance and redefine traffic flow, providing a safer environment with secure building access. By relocating and enlarging the kitchen and cafeteria to better coordinate with the large student population, the newly designed Commons Addition became a light filled, multi-purpose space for eating, teaching, and community events. A new stairwell alleviated corridor conflicts and accommodated plans for a future classroom addition. To compliment this architectural move, INVISION also created barrier-free access to this planned addition, as well as to two levels of existing classrooms.

The project schedule required construction during the school year, so the team made strategic decisions to adapt the design and construction process for minimal inconvenience to students and staff. With a three-phase approach, the new kitchen and commons were constructed first, followed by the office and classroom renovations, and finally the new stair tower. The design team worked with the construction team to limit disruption, maintain egress, and manage site access for drop-off and pick-up throughout the project.

Cody Mills
Construction Administrator

Amidst the careful coordination during the school year, it was fun to see the atypical materials that I’d detailed in drafting come together. A unique rain screen became the focal point of the new entrance and stair tower, a metallic blue countertop created a striking accent in the commons, and cork and writable surfaces gave the commons a variety of purposes. In the end, we significantly improved the student and community experience with Hoover Middle School.

Other Team Members