Kinship Brewing Company

Waukee, IA

With a strong desire to create a community hub, Zach and Ann Dobeck reached out to INVISION to collaborate on their goal. Early in design, it became clear that this new construction brewery would achieve multiple firsts.” It’s the first brewery in Waukee, the first charred wood commercial building in Iowa, the first building in a new development, and the first building in the Des Moines metro designed with a designated canvas space for artists.

To achieve the Dobecks’ dream, the 13,000sf brewery incorporated state-of-the-art technologies with passive sustainability measures, creating a gathering spot for cyclists, dog-owners, music-lovers, and beer connoisseurs alike. Arrival by car begins with two stormwater detention ponds, fed by a carefully graded site to eliminate underground piping. Visitors arriving by foot or bicycle via the Raccoon River Valley Trail are greeted by the Kinship flag, flying above the treelined path. 

The building exterior has no paint finishes to minimize future maintenance costs and is complemented by a large outdoor patio and adjacent dog park, outdoor food service, fireplaces, music, and leisure sports. The acoustically-treated interior tasting room features a 14-foot-wide television, non-gendered restrooms, and an aromatic and visual connection to the heart of the operation: the 10,000sf brewing space.

Mike Bechtel
Managing Architect

Kinship Brewing Company is the result of a chance encounter between a visionary entrepreneur who transplanted himself from Atlanta, Georgia and an architect enjoying a beer with another successful brewery client of INVISION architecture. The building incorporates five different artists thus far with individual works as long as 400 feet in length and a 20-foot tall, spray-painted tiger named Sheila who watches over the tasting room. 

Other Team Members