Jeff Oltmann

Project Coordinator
Tel: 319.433.3825
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You’ll rarely find me on the periphery looking in – I’m generally right in the middle of the action, and that’s where I like to be. I thrive when I’m part of our engaged team because we truly listen to what our clients want. By being fully immersed in a project from early design coordination through construction, I’m able to hear cool comments like, I never imagined all of the components that have to come together for a finalized product!” One of the best part of my job is knowing I had a hand in a majority of those components — along with working as a team with owners and contractors to develop a unified solution.
  • Walking and biking the trails
  • Yard and acreage improvements
  • Being outdoors
  • Traveling
Fun Fact
  • With my 40+ years tenure at INVISION, I have worked with eight different partners – including a father and a son.