Nine Employees Recognized with Leadership Designations at INVISION

May 03, 2024

In continuing our strategic effort to implement a long-term leadership development plan, the Board recently recognized members of the studio for their efforts in advancing the firm and demonstrating INVISION​’s core values.

Nine employees were recently recognized with the leadership designation of associate. This honor is given to employees who strongly embody our culture of design excellence while building leadership qualities in those around them. This is the largest and most professionally diverse group of leaders in our firm. While each associate’s specific craft and interest varies, each consistently offers project and team leadership while building leadership qualities in those around them.

Those honored include the following:

  • Cally Niess, Architect5 years with INVISION / 7 in the industry

  • Hoàng Trần, Architect5 years with INVISION / 11 in the industry

  • Kindra Christensen, Interior Designer10 years with INVISION / 16 in the industry

  • Lisa Chamberlin, Project Administrator 11 years with INVISION / 17 in the industry

  • Miranda Budnik, Interior Designer – 7 years with INVISION / 7 in the industry

  • Roland Ganter, Project Coordinator26 years with INVISION / 34 in the industry

  • Ryan Smart, Architect2 years with INVISION / 10 in the industry

  • Tina Gray, Marketing Manager7 years with INVISION / 21 in the industry

  • Zach Hansen, Architect5 years with INVISION / 5 in the industry