Our Design Process

By Eric Ritland

January 21, 2019
Time is precious. Most of our clients have full-time careers. When they have to include orchestrating the design and construction of a building project, it can be overwhelming. We take this to heart.

No two organizations, projects or challenges are the same. INVISION takes pride in creating architectural solutions to help people live, work, learn and heal. To unlock design solutions and innovation — the first and most critical component — we must plan and communicate the process. Our unique architectural design process can make a lasting impression on your project and your experience.


Learning the why” behind a project is essential to understanding success.

We problem-seek before we problem-solve. We might ask some tough questions, but your honest answers help us set goals, establish drivers and collect relevant data. We take this time to truly listen to your results to create an innovative, on-target solution.


Learning the what” behind a project merges form, function and stewardship.

We analyze and prioritize what we learned from you in the Discovery stage to create an innovative, forward-thinking solution. This is where it all comes together — concept to design. Your challenges and goals meet our talent and experience and the solution unfolds.


Learning the how” behind a project places strategy in motion and solutions come to life.

We align with the design strategy, respecting schedules and budget. We meticulously monitor and follow up on all deliverables — a report, masterplan or project under construction — delivering the solution you deserve. Because nothing we build is more important than partnerships with our clients.