Seeking new office space in Downtown Des Moines, Beal Derkenne Construction and Christensen Development wanted to bring together their appreciation for the area’s architectural heritage with their interest in clean, modern design. After purchasing the former Dilley Manufacturing building in the East Village, the two companies partnered with INVISION to renovate the former paper manufacturing warehouse into new commercial and restaurant tenant spaces.

The renovation included 35,500sf over two stories and accommodated commercial office fit-outs for two companies, as well as a restaurant and retail on street level. The team was committed to using natural materials with simple execution to fit the project’s concept and timeline. Steel panels from the original manufacturing floor, heavy timbers, barn boards, marble wainscot, sliding metal doors, and even the remains of an existing elevator shaft were repurposed and reused. Glass and a modern finish palette were utilized for the new insertions in the space.

The elements that INVISION added to the building to support collaboration and productive workspaces created a great blend of modern office practices. The design perfectly balanced the contrast of existing material and clean modern updates to celebrate the architectural components of this 80-year-old timber and brick structure.

Laura Peterson
Project Coordinator

The building owners were developers and contractors themselves, so the team knew each other well. I enjoyed working for a client with such interest in celebrating the history of the building and using it as a design feature. The modern elements that we added to the building to support collaboration and productivity workspaces created a great blend of modern office practices. The owner’s interest in both innovative hospitality design features and preserving the integrity of the existing building materials in a clean, modern way was a rare combination that created unique opportunities for the design team.