K-12 Education

Waverly-Shell Rock Elementary Schools

Waverly, IA

Two new Waverly-Shell Rock elementary schools were designed to take the community’s youth into 21st century learning and beyond. The buildings integrate classroom technology to promote a modern-day, educational environment while using a flexible design to accommodate various program needs over the life of the building.

INVISION worked closely with the school district to develop a custom solution for all current and future users of the building. Key facility components include secured entryways, separate parent and bus loading areas, a media center, a gymnasium that can be used for community events and student commons areas for much needed breakout spaces that promote individualized learning.

Each school building is responsive to its respective site context while maintaining a prototype design. Both buildings were built into an existing hillside to minimize site disturbance, reducing energy load by utilizing natural thermal resistance while maintaining the capacity to bring in natural light in occupied spaces. Abundant daylight is incorporated into the space to promote healthy learning environments and to keep focused learning a top priority. The design places adaptable, shared programs towards the interior of the space, allowing classrooms to be situated along the perimeter of the building.

Kathryn Payne
Project Architect

This project was the result of a methodical, collaborative process with the Waverly-Shell Rock communities. Our team was engaged with various members of the school district, city, community, construction management team and consultant group throughout the design to deliver an innovative and functional solution. Creating long-lasting value was a high priority for the community on this tandem project. Once completed, both elementary schools will provide a desirable, yet affordable space that will be utilized by students and staff for decades to come.