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Regional Medical Center
Manchester, IA

This new two-story inpatient and specialty clinic addition opened after much excitement and anticipation in the community as it is highly visible on the bluff above the Maquoketa River across from downtown.

Terra cotta panels
Rooms with Riverfront view
Over 75%
Type of facade
Terracotta and zinc
Project Coordinator
Tim Turnis

Growing up in Manchester, the community impact of this project has personal significance.

I was able to bring a unique perspective to this project with my connection and relationship with the community and the possibilities. I share in the feeling of ownership with the staff and community of this project and this hospital as it is where my family continues to receive care. I couldn't be happier with the project and the positive impact it has on the future of quality healthcare in Manchester.

The project is a major milestone for the hospital and the building design reflects the importance of the project. A new entrance and updated image for the hospital were key components. Our approach during the development of the project was to tie the building into the current circulation patterns to maximize intuitive wayfinding patients and visitors.

The inpatient area is oriented to maximize the views of the river and surrounding wooded area. The warm, natural colors of the major elements of the  interior palette provide a balanced backdrop for pops of color inspired by the surrounding landscape. Natural materials of zinc and terra cotta clad the exterior of the building to connect with existing materials on campus but provide a refreshed appearance and lasting impression.

Other team members: Jason DeVries, Angie Nees, Kristina Mehmen, Eric Ritland, and Mike Bechtel.

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