INVISION Expands Leadership

May 02, 2024

INVISION proudly announces changes to its leadership team. In recognition of exceptional talent and dedication, five individuals at INVISION have been promoted to Principal, reinforcing our industry leadership. Their impact and ongoing contributions enhance our collective success, reflecting our strategic focus on growth and innovation while honoring their years of loyalty and expertise.

Angie Nees, IIDA, CHID, EDAC, one of Iowa’s five Certified Healthcare Interior Designers, joined INVISION in 2005 and is a dedicated learner. Specializing in healthcare interiors, she leads projects, manages clients, and enhances our health practice, recently gaining Evidence-Based Design Accreditation. Her professionalism and leadership are invaluable. As a principal, Angie will develop a talented team of interior designers, foster a creative environment, and align our healthcare expertise with top systems for exceptional client care.

Jason DeVries, AIA, an architect with INVISION for 16 years, has been integral to the studio as lead designer on many award-winning projects across a variety of market sectors including civic, corporate industrial, health and wellness, higher education and K12. His active involvement in projects elevates designs firm-wide, and he shares construction and built environment knowledge as a mentor in the design studio. His dedication to the profession and community shines through his involvement with AIA Iowa, Iowa Architect Magazine, and Lead DSM. As a principal, Jason will enhance strategic initiatives for high-quality design, client satisfaction, and project performance metrics, across all market sectors, offering insights to boost firm efficiency and reputation for our firm.

Justin Bailey, AIA, fosters growth and development at INVISION as a mentor and leader. His expertise in design, documentation, and BIM standards enhances value for clients. With 17 years of experience and a focus on client needs, he ensures project success through attention to detail, thorough communication and support for his teams. As a principal, Justin will support design teams, leading project delivery, documentation, quality control, and process development for consistent excellence.

As one of only four Accredited Learning Environment Planners in Iowa, Laura Peterson, AIA, ALEP, began her career at INVISION in 2008. Through her emphasis on opportunities over obstacles, Laura leads teams to deliver solutions that exceed the limits of what our clients had considered possible. Her dedication to education led to crafting a unique and effective K12 bond referendum strategy to ensure positive results for our clients and communities to design effective learning environments that prioritize students. As a principal and PreK12 Practice Leader, she will continue to grow our PreK12 practice, prioritize client satisfaction and design excellence, and mentor teams for future success.

Tim Turnis, AIA, joined INVISION in 2006 and has excelled in transformative projects, prioritizing client success and community impact. As a principal and managing architect, he will lead the Waterloo studio, fostering a positive and productive environment through engagement, communication, and teamwork to enhance our work quality and promote studio growth.

Each of these new members to our leadership team possess qualities and experience that position them to serve the firm in new, dynamic ways to impact our future success.

In addition, INVISION will be retiring the title of Managing Director and transitioning two distinguished professionals to Principals who will continue bringing a wealth of expertise and vision to our Board as they have for numerous years.

Brett Van Zee, AIA, with 19 years at INVISION, maintains composure amid challenges, distilling complexity into actionable conversations with a focus on the primary issues which require attention. His passion lies in designing innovative higher education environments, specializing in science and technology lab planning. As Principal and Higher Education Practice Leader, he will align his industry knowledge to grow this market, ensuring client satisfaction and advancing innovation. Brett also oversees firm operations, collaborating to improve our thriving practice.

Kate Payne, AIA, with 34 years of experience, including 26 at INVISION, brings a wealth of expertise across diverse project types, shaping her honest, engaged, and communicative client approach. Leveraging her exceptional critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, she prioritizes understanding client needs to craft effective solutions. Kate’s leadership shines in project management, creating comprehensive plans that drive success and foster continuous learning. As a principal, she will design tailored training programs, aligning them with strategic goals and measuring their impact on performance, retention, and satisfaction.