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North Iowa Area Community College Student Housing
Mason City, IA

Goals for this new student housing facility include serving as a recruitment tool for new students, expanded student life opportunities, contributing to the financial success of the college and an enhanced focus on the efficiency and quality of the college campus living experience.

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Housing communities
Number of Students
Construction Administrator
Nathan Kurtz

Students at community colleges like NIACC are increasingly looking for amenities like housing.

In creating these facilities it’s important to design the space to foster the creation of community. The design encourages the development of small to large student communities to enhance the social aspects of college life and takes advantage of the adjacent campus lakes to create a more unique student experience. Expanded student life opportunities not only improve student life but also enhance the college’s finances and serve as a recruitment tool.

Other team members: Angie Nees, Brad Leeper, Julie Etheredge, Mark Schmidt, Mike Bechtel, Roland Ganter and Kate Payne

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