Health & Wellness

UnityPoint Clinics North Crossing Express Clinic

Waterloo, IA

We’ve heard time and time again that an alternative primary care delivery model that is distinct from existing primary care and emergency platforms is desperately needed in our communities that concentrates on customer service and the patient experience. To truly accomplish this goal, a transformational change was required – a shift in the business culture of an organization resulting from a change in the underlying strategy and processes that the organization has used in the past. The transformational change was designed to be organization-wide and has been enacted over the past 5 years. UnityPoint Clinics in collaboration with INVISION developed an Urgent Care Model that was designed to appeal to busy, younger adults located in retail centers closer to where people live, work and play. We evaluated markets and choose key building sites that would capture all related business and build relationships. An operational model was created that cultivated clinical quality, speed and customer experience. Our goal was to integrate the health system image and values into the Urgent Care brand so that the health system story would come alive in the community.

This clinical experience is different than what has been done before. It was developed with the patient in mind and by adapting to the ever-evolving demands of a fast-paced culture. Our goal was to create a new brand image with this prototype, now in 13 locations and counting. This urgent care model resulted from transforming the narrative of how care is offered, with high-quality design that people have come to expect.